Centralized Logging?

Hello all,

I’m new-ish to the forum. My google searches have brought me here many times, but for once I need to pose a question so I registered today. I am a student technician for Winthrop University and am currently deploying Asterisk nodes to 9 student dorm buildings. We’re looking for a way to parse the logs and make them available to our technicians via a website. Using syslog-ng, we are able to pipe the remote log messages to the filesystem of our web-server (Gentoo/Apache), and then using 'watch cat ’ in the correct directory, we have a real-time logger window via ssh.

However, this is difficult to search for specific events. I am looking into web-based log analyzers to solve our problem. Already I have attempted to use phplogsys and loganalyzer. Loganalyzer was easy to set up and was able to parse the log files. However, the interface is quite weird and also the syslog server re-writes the permissions each time a new file comes in. I can definitely fix that, but I want a more elegant interface anyways. So, I thought that phplogsys would be more appropriate since it pulls the logs from a database. Unfortunately, it requires a mysql database- and we are using postgres for our Asterisk functionality, so I am hoping to stay with it.

So as for my question: Is there anyone out there with a deployment of multiple Asterisk servers who has a centralized logging system and analyzer that they love? And even if the deployment is only one high-capacity server, what do you like to use to look at your Asterisk logs? Preferably, answers would be in the context of Gentoo, PostgreSQL, Apache,and PHP, but I would also love to see what works outside of the Gentoo world. Thanks in advance!




Though you are using this on asterisk this is a general Linux question and would be better asked in a Linux forum.

Personally we write logs to a syslog server and just user grep much faster to find what is wanted.


I’m going to bump this one more time, but I will take it to a more general linux forum if need be.

Grep’ing won’t work overall since I am trying to provide a searchable, possibly linkable, web-based log viewer for the other technicians who have to operate the phone system we’ve created. They are not linux gurus, so it has to be simple and intuitive. Again, a PHP and postgres solution would be preferred.