Asterisk logs on remote server

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I have installed Asterisk 16.1.1 on my Centos 7.8 machine, I need to log the asterisk logs to my remote Linux system. How can I do this?

is there any complication or load issue that will occur on the machine?

I think using syslog you can do that

Thanks @ambiorixg12

Will This increase the system load ? have you ever used this ?

Using anything except local files is likely to increase the CPU and network load, but reduce the disk load.

I havent use it, but as @david551 suggest, network load and CPU usage will increase, so monitor your resources and top for CPU and Network load with linux iftop

I’d be willing to bet a beer that spitting out a UDP packet is LESS ‘work’ than writing a disk block.

From a sysadmin and debugging perspective, I prefer to configure all applications to syslog everything and configure [r]syslogd to forward everything to a central log host.

I can’t think of how many times a host has come to a screeching halt because a partition filled up because some ‘application specific’ log file or log files in general were not being monitored and rotated properly. Also, when things go pear shaped, it’s not always the application that ‘smelt it, dealt it.’ Having everything in 1 place (with every host running ntp so the time stamps are valid) makes it easier to see what was going on system-wide at the time of failure.

Ship all logs off to a central host where they can be monitored/rotated/ignored in 1 place is my motto.

If you’re running ‘at scale’ a cluster of log hosts or a ‘tree’ may make sense.

The syslog logging will have to go to the local syslog daemon, and then be forwarded according to the syslog routing rules, so it is rather more than just outputting a UDP packet.

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You can use a MySQL remote server running on a linux machine to storage the cdr’s logs. You can buid a MySQL Server and configure the cdrs onde /etc/asterisk/cdr_mysql.conf.

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