Cell phone voicemail detection

My asterisk is redirecting calls to my cell phone. When the number of my cell is being dialed music is playing to the caller. Everything is ok but when my mobile is out of range I get voice notification from my cell phone operator (something like “The subscriber you have called is temporary unavailable â€

Can anybody help please…
I need to tell my boss if it is possible…

I have not done voice activated menus, but couldnt you record the message u get when your out of range on your cell phone into a sound file in your asterisk, then set that as a voice option so when your cell phone says that it will kick in and do whatever you want it to do via the dialplan.


Could you set up divert on unavailble on your phone to another message or even back to *

TO be able to handle it diffrently you would need to check the DIALSTATUS of the call when you get this message

As to voice menu idea this is very complicated, as you would need to intall lumnevox voice rec then have it listening to the call. Im not sure its up to the job.

personly the simplist is to divert it back to *


Thanks for your replay. But is it possible to check DIALSTATUS during dial? Does cell phones sends any other status if playing voicemail invitation or if the phone is out of range?

Diverting is not good solution because I can’t integrate into phones of our employees :frowning:

yea definately go simpler if you can like ianplain says.

first off: why would your phone say temporary unavailble shouldnt it hit a voicemail box if u dont have service or if the phone is off?

I think ianplain means to watch the asterisk cli, call your cell phone with it turned off or out of service, and see what DIALSTATUS it gives you. You can then write code in your dialplan to cover that situation and play your custom gretting. HOWEVER, i think asterisk will see the call as answered by your cell phone provider no matter what so the status is always going to be answered, unless im wrong.
Can you explain more on what you meant ianplain? I think I might have misunderstood u…

It depends on the line, but if a mobile ends in such a message it “MAY” not be answered but should be unavalible as thats what it is. It does depend on your line and on the mobile carrier.

If the line out is IAX check th eIAX debug if its ISDN check that debug same for sip. if its analog then forget it…