Cell phone turns off randomly


i’m using openbts and asterisk 1.8 and 2 cell phones. whenever i dial one specific cell phone, the receiving one, turns off automatically either before answering or after the call is finished. what’s unsual is that it usually happens with only one of the cell phones.

both of them are the same motorola. also, the cell phone that randomly turns off sometimes tells me to check the sim. i tried with a movistar sim (without service) and it camps to my netwrok but the same happens, it turns off when dialing it or after the call is finished.

any ideas what may be the issue? i thought it could be:

1- cell phone
2- usrp clock
3- sim


You may be better posting your questions in sourceforge.net/mailarchive/foru … ts-discuss as this is a Asterisk forum and you issues are to do with the openbts part and not asterisk.



thanks very much for your reply. also, when phones do register and work well (only sometimes), would like to access the voicemail. the voicemail answering keeps telling me to press “1” for new messages, which i do, but nothing happens, as if i never pressed it, so the call is hanged up by the system.

is this an asterisk issue?
thanks in advance,