Recognizing cell phones


i’m just wondering how asterisk recognizes cell phones. ie, if for example i have two cell phones, one as [A] and the other one as [B]. I place them both in front of the PBX and start asterisk. how does it recognize which one i wanted to name A and which one i wanted to name B?

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I don’t believe that Asterisk is even aware that there is a cellphone in front of it.

i forgot to mention i’m usign openbts with a PBX

when i use [imsixxxxxx] it works, but when i change the name to any other than the imsi, asterisk says: “no matching peer found for host:”

i’ve just tried writing host above mentioned in sip.conf and it worked although don’t know why the port in sip show peers is 5060?

what could the error be? should i always name them with their imsi?

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That’s a rather specialist question. I’m pretty sure it would be illegal to run such a system in the UK. I think you need to ask the OpenBTS people.

However, in the original GSM design, one would be using a TMSI. I guess, if you run your own base station, you might be able to force the phone to identify with an IMSI, but that rather breaks the GSM model with respect to privacy.

thank you very much for your answer. one more question: the command secret, a) is this the password i have to enter when making a call or sending sms? or b) is it the password when the phone registers to the network?

if it’s b), there’s no password required to register for the netwrok. i cannot try a) yet since i’m using only one cell phone.

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quick question… what hardware do use as bts ? something from ericsson & co or someting a bit fancy ?

usrp1 from ettus