CDRs not pickup up on AMI

Hello All,

I am very new to Asterisk (2 days) and PBX’s in general so please go easy on me!

I started looking into providing some real-time call monitoring details two days ago and wrote a little java client that captures CDR events and breaks them into inbound, outbound, internal, answered, busy, not answered, etc… I then display this on our intranet site for the management team to be able to monitor the status.

I run a query against the database and can get this:
Office: UK
Total: 525
Inbound: 161
Outbound: 258
Internal: 106
AnswerService: 0
Answered: 427
NoAnswer: 81
Busy: 17
Transferred: 0

…which I use to build my graph…

This all works perfectly for our Asterix 1.1 software, but we have two other versions - 1.0 and 1.2 installed too, and neither of those appear to be delivering CDR events to the AMI.

I can connect and login successfully to all three servers, and all three servers are successfully logging to csv and mysql databases, and I can receive Event and System notifications through the AMI from all three servers, but only the 1.1 server is also delivering CDRs to the AMI.

I am listening to unanswered calls, have checked all the mysql passwords in all of the relevant .conf files and everything is perfectly in tune - and as I have said, they are all logging CDR’s to the MySQL databases on each machine.

On top of that, each server has the cdr_manager as a successfully registered backend in the Manager cli.

Does anyone know if there are any other settings that may be causing version 1.0 and version 1.2 not to send CDR records to the AMI?

Thanks in advance,



I am receiving CDRs from version 1.0 now - I had to send ‘Events: ON’ to get the CDRs - I didn’t have to do this on v1.1 … while this works, it is not ideal as I receive ALL events from the AMI.

v1.2 still does not deliver the ‘Event: Cdr’ records, but does list all other events associated with the call… so any tips on how to get only the ‘Event: Cdr’ events would be great.

Thank you