Asterisk "Event: CDR" not generated

Asterisk 1.4.17
Trixbox 2.4.0

I am integrating my asterisk server with a third party software (TIM Plus) for Call Reporting. I have the following Asterisk Manager credentials for connecting the third party software with my asterisk server.

secret = cdr
deny =
permit = xx.xx.xx.xx
read = call
write =

I have also enabled the following…
enabled = yes

But it seems the CDR Event is not been dumped to the third party software. I have another Trixbox server running 2.6 version with the same Asterisk configuration mentioned as above and i am getting the CDR events and the Call Reporting is working.

Can some one please help me on this issue.

Thanks in advance

Can someone please advice on this…


Can someone please help me on this…



How you have checked that the CDR events are not sent through the AMI? Have you tried a telnet session and do not get these events?


Hello Ioan,

Thanks for your reply.

I tried a telnet session by typing telnet ipaddress 5038 and i got “Asterisk Call Manager/1.0” in the window and i assume it is working. But how do i check the CDR Events sent over the AMI. Is there any special tool available.

Please advice.

Anyway i once again thanks for your reply.


You need to log in. See the AMI chapter in Asterisk: The Future of Telephony.

Hi David,

Thanks for your reply.

I was able to login in to the AMI using telnet and i can see all Asterisk events generated. I took the whole log and did a complete search but cannot see the Event: CDR and i can only see the following events in it.

Event: Dial
Event: ExtensionStatus
Event: Hangup
Event: Link
Event: Newcallerid
Event: Newchannel
Event: Newexten
Event: Newstate
Event: Unlink

Could you please let me know what should be done in order to get the CDR event.

Many Thanks

Hi David,

Can you please advice me on this. What should be done next.


If you are sure that you have set the right account permissions and that the events should be created, preferably first look at the source code, then raise an issue on You will need to provide a copy of the actual manager event stream, as an attachment.

Hi Vinod,

I too have been struggling since last week with the same problem trying to get Event: CDR output from our Trixbox…Today finally have it working, although Tri-Line still need to provide a TDM file, but at least Asterisk is actually working.

After a lot of searching, scratching heads, frustration and depression…looks like the latest Asterisks does not work nor does the latest Trixbox 2.8. I have installed four different versions since last week.

Trixbox is great and so easy to configure…Today I have install Asterisk 1.7.1 with option 2 (Asterisk 1.4 with FreePBX) It proved a real struggle getting everything set up especialily as it is not as out of the box ready, as Trixbox is. Anyway, it’s appears to be working, i.e. I can make SIP calls through our SIP provider and the switch is outputting Event: CDR as expected.

Best regards,


Hello Neil,

I already got the Event CDR working long ago by just rebooting my Asterisk server. I’ve been looking for the CDR event just by enabling them in the conf files. I have even tried restarting the asterisk service, but was solved only when restarting the server. May be im not aware of the other dependency services which should i’ve restarted to get the CDR events.

Anyway i havent updated this thread for a long. Apologies.


Thank you for the reply.

I just posted a questions titled ‘Account Codes’. Perhaps you may have an idea about this problem.

Best regards,