CDR table save src like trunkoutcid in asterisk 1.8


I’m using both asterisk 1.8 and 1.4
In asterisk 1.4 system, cdr table storage trunkoutcid in src field for outgoing call.
But in asterisk 1.8: extension was storaged in src.
Is it possible to change asterisk 1.8 like 1.4: storage trunkoutcid instead of extension?

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Asterisk is open source. What do you mean by “trunkoutcid”? Asterisk doesn’t really have a concept of a SIP trunk so won’t have something with a name like that.

I set up trunk by FreePBX with asterisk 1.4.
I put the number 123456789 in Outbound Caller ID box.
When I make outbound call.
The Outbound Caller ID was storaged in src & clid of cdr table.

But in the asterisk 1.8.
I setup trunk same as 1.4
And when I make outbound call.
extension number was storaged in src & clid instead outbound caller id.
So I cannot calculate the bill base on outbound caller id.

How to change asterisk 1.8 storage src & clid field like 1.4?
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You need to ask the FreePBX peopple as they are the ones that know how FreePBX tries to implement this.