CDR source and Caller ID not being logged

this cli command

originate SIP/trunk_1/12342197934 extension 7009@modal

Works very well to do a call except for one thing In the CDR it doesn’t record Caller ID or Source .

This is my setup , any ideas how to add source and Caller ID when using CLI ?

exten = 7009,1,Goto(docall,7009,1)

exten = 7009,1,NoOp(A demo call)
exten = 7009,2,Answer()
exten = 7009,3,Background(vm-hello)

You are not setting a CID anywhere, you either need to call a local channel which sets the CID and then calls your trunk, or originate via AMI or use callfiles.

Thank’s for help
Now I set CDR but this variable seems to be blank {CDR(dst)} where as this one is ok I can get its values {CDR(src)} . any idea on how i can set CDR to get this value 12342197934 the originate value


Hey ok so we got one part of the problem solved of recording Caller ID I can do that now .
But I cannot record who I am calling which is 12342197934 using CLI.

Looking at this line originate SIP/trunk_1/12342197934 extension 7009@modal

7009 seems to be regarded as destination {CDR(dst)} when it’s supposed to be regarded as {CDR(src)} in my opinion …

12342197934 is the destination and the number’s will change all the time for destination …
In this case it is regarded as tech_data when used with the originate application …

Is there a way to record tech_data aka this part “SIP/trunk_1/12342197934”?

Originate actually has two destinations, but 7009 is, in my view, the most destination-like destination. CDRs are based on what the primitives do, rather than on a particular use case for them.

In particular, by the time that the final destination gets set, the code isn’t really aware that the call was started with originate.

As far as I know, src and dst can only be set by the system, and dst would get overwritten, anyway.

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