Cdr show in cli?

Is there a command to parse the cdr with a ‘show’ command?

What exactly do you want to do ?

Just installed a branded freepbx with Asterisk 11.25.3 .
The provider sold my boss the system for a hotel, but there is no way to access a readable call log for the staff. Specifically, if a room calls 911, they need knowledge of which room to send the responders. We asked the pbx support team, and they want to sell a pricey upgrade to an already pricey system.
I Haven’t obtained a password for the device hosting the pbx, so I can’t install any applications or modules etc…
I can get the cdr in cvs format, in a reports area, but the staff, would find it difficult to comprehend. I can’t grab the csv file unless, I copy and paste it to a text file, which is also not desired.
I was perusing the cli and it seems to be pretty extensive of what it will show.

So I wanted to try to put together a show command for calls that have been made, that may be more readable than what I can grab now.

Perhaps you could put something like this somewhere in your extensions.conf:

exten => _X.,1,Verbose(${CALLERID(all)} calling ${EXTEN})

Then you leave the CLI open and, every time a call is made, you will see in realtime a line saying who is calling who.

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Asterisk 11 is a dead product, and recent version of FreePBX works with Asterisk 13 who is still supported.

Also FreePBX doesnt matter what version provide a CDR and it is a free module., you should contact the vendor and see what it is really what you have.

Also you can configure Asterisk ODBC and MYSQL as backend and with a simple PHP page you can display all call info

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THanks for the input, Guys. I’ll build the next pbx myself, and avoid these issues.

I cannot access the files, but will request password, and will certainly try this.

The CDRs aren’t kept, other than in the file or database, once the call ends.

If you wanted to process the files you would use standard Unix tools rather than what is built into Asterisk.

You application really needs integrating into the dialplan, but the people on this forum are not very familiar with what is possible within the constrains imposed by FreePBX.

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