cdr_radius not working

Hi folks

I want to use and I need some help. My distro is Fedora 6. 1st try with radiusclient-ng, radiusclient-ng-devel and radiusclient-ng-utils from the yum repository. Then with make menuselect from asterisk source (asterisk-1.4.11), buid successfully.

radiuscfg => /etc/radiusclient-ng/radiusclient.conf

The module is loaded:
*CLI> module show like
Module Description Use Count RADIUS CDR Backend 0
1 modules loaded

but the RADIUS server do not receive messages. Verbose and debug do not show errors.

In radiusclient.conf there is a login_radius variable but the file is empty:

# $Id: login.radius,v 2003/12/02 10:39:23 sobomax Exp $
# Copyright (C) 1998 Lars Fenneberg
# See the file COPYRIGHT for the respective terms and conditions.
# If the file is missing contact me at
# and I'll send you a copy.

cat <<EOF
This is the dummy login.radius script. If you want that this script
does something useful you'll have to replace it.

The following RADIUS environment variables are set:

set | egrep '^RADIUS_'

echo "Bye, bye."

exit 0

What shoud I put there, is that the reason not to work the cdr_radius?

Also I’ve tryed with radiusclient-ng from source, same thing…