Asterisk Radius CDR Issue


I’ve recently setup Asterisk with Radius CDR by following the document:

The issue currently I’m facing is after turning on the debug getting message: cdr_radius.c:208 radius_log: Unable to create RADIUS record. CDR not recorded!

I’ve checked and grant access 666 to radiusclient config files: servers & dictionary.digium and 777 to ‘/var/run/radius.seq’. I’ve noticed that /var/run/radius.seq is not getting updated.

Further added, in asterisk CLI while running command: ‘cdr show status’ getting results below;

Call Detail Record (CDR) settings

Logging: Enabled

Mode: Simple

Log unanswered calls: No

Log congestion: No

  • Registered Backends

Adaptive ODBC

Using radtest or radclient, I’m able to communicate with radius server. Seems like the asterisk is not able to send CDR data with radius client using

Please advise, what additional steps may required to resolve this issue.

Found the issue. The issue resides at dictionary.digium.

Solution: please be advised, not to use dictionary.digium that comes with FreeRadius server in radiusclient-ng. Use the dictionary that comes with Asterisk source file and include it in radiusclient-ng main dictionary.

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