CDR only log external calls not system calls

Hi I’m using mysql to collect cdr from asterisk.

It’s working well but I’m getting cdr from internal processes, example:
“2014-09-02 2:01:24”,“s”,“default”,“Bridge/0xb7402aa4output”,“8”,“8”,“ANSWERED”,“3”,“1409691684.3”,

Is there a setting to not log this type of activity?

I’m only interested in external calls being logged.


is there a logging level that can be adjusted?

In particular, Asterisk makes no distinction between external and internal calls; that is something imposed by the dialplan, but not something that the Asterisk core understands.

There is, of course, a NoCDR application, that lets you suppress CDRs under control of the dialplan on a call by call basis.

Thanks for the information. I didn’t know about that application.

I can’t see this would help this particular question as it looks like confbridge is counting itself as a separate call I have no control over.

I guess I may need to look at this as part of a forensics tool set and capture everything and filter down with a search tool.


For forensics, you should not be using CDRs. They have too many limitations.

What would you use instead?

CEL or even AMI events.