CDR not working. Master.csv file doesn't exist


I want to use the default CDR options for Asterisk 13, I went looking for the Master.csv file in /var/logs/asterisk/cdr-csv/ but there is no file.

I have checked my cdr.conf file and I have enable=yes and have the [csv] section uncommented.

Any ideas? Thanks in advance!

EDIT: After further troubleshooting I found out the module is missing from /usr/lib64/asterisk/modules. How do I install this missing module?

Did you compile the module?

You can re-run make menuconfig in your source directory and make sure the module is selected to be built.

Then a make followed by a make install should install the module.


Thanks that did it!

I guess I must’ve forgotent to select the module when I was installing Asterisk and ran make menuselect during the install process. I had no idea I could ran the command again to add modules later on.

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