CDR Dispatcher problem


We use CDR in batch mode (30 CDR per 30s) on Asterisk 16.7.0, with actually 60 calls per second.
We discover that a lot of CDR are still in the buffer since few hours, we notice this pb with this command : asterisk -rx ‘core show threads’ | grep “cdr_submit_batch” | wc -l.
We disable the CDR in DB and put in a local file to check the speed but it’s still very slow like 20 CDR per second.
Server running on CentOS 7 with 32 CPU and 64GO of Ram and disk in SAS 10K.

Questions :

  • There are a solution to monitor CDR batch processing or and the buffer ?
  • A possibility to increase the speed of the CDR dispatcher ?

Thank you in advance

That sounds like a bug. Can you post your cdr.conf (removing any user/pass) ?


We found the pb, due to a curl sent to an external server who delayed the CDR.

I can remove the post if you want.

Thank you

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