Capture DTMF for IVR

We want to send ivr call to our customer to confirm their order ID how can we do it?

-They can dial any random number and we want to capture it for verification later
-The entered number should be saved or sent database

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Old-fashioned auto-dialer.

Components involved:

  1. AMI Originate Action
  2. Local Channels
  3. Read function
  4. Shell function for database saving.

Now is your job assemble all this pices together

Need to hire a developer for programming?
Or we can do it without programming

Asterisk is a box of Legos. It’s up to you (or your programmer) to assemble your vision.

Depending on your specifics, I’d either initiate the call with a ‘call file*’ which would then execute an AGI** to prompt the customer, read the order ID, and do the database work, or write a standalone program to use the AMI*** to originate the call and do the same cruft.

*) A text file with instructions of where to call and what to do next.
**) The Asterisk Gateway Interface is a request/response (stdout/stdin) protocol.
***) The Asterisk Manager Interface is a TCP interface used to interact with Asterisk.

FastAGI would be more efficient than regular AGI: you can handle multiple connections in one process, rather than having to fork off a new one for each connection.

Or you could initiate calls via either AMI or ARI.

I have simple examples of how to use all these APIs here.

You are, I think, assuming, an environment like asyncio in Python, which provides cooperative scheduling services, and code written for that environment.

Naturally you would want some language which supports async paradigms. That is the easiest way to handle event-driven programming.

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