Asterisk Manager api with async agi

I am pretty new to asterisk and doing my first application. It is a web application and the main aim of the application to blast calls from the web application to a number of users with a pre recorded message. I am using phpagi for this application and would like use the asterisk manager and async agi api features of asterisk. The first part of the application will send the pre recorded message to a autherized user to confirm it. For it I have originated a call from AMI using phpagi asterisk manager api. After that I would like to send some agi commands from asterisk manager to send the pre recorded message and to receive a dtmf input from him. The origination part is working fine. I don’t know how send agi commands from phpagi asterisk manager. Please help me on it.

I have done the following for it to tork

PHP code

$call = $asm->send_request(‘Originate’,

if ($call[‘Response’] == ‘Success’)

// need to send agi commands from here…

Dial plan
exten => 1001,1,AGI(agi:async)

I have given all the permissions to the manager.conf file as well.