Can't get showLoginScreen to work


I’ve been trying to get auth.showLoginScreen to work. All I get is a blank screen when I run the code. I’ve broken my code down to its barest essentials, shown below. Any advice on how to get this to work would be appreciated.

var app = require('app');

var authObj = require('auth').Auth;
var auth = new authObj();
if (auth.isLoggedIn()) {
    return auth.showLoginScreen();

I got this one to work. The log viewer wasn’t working on my browser. So I was flying blind. Once I switched to a new PC the log viewer started to work and I was able to debug the code. See below.

[code]var app = require(‘app’);

var Language = require(‘localization_language’).Language;

var lang = new Language({‘langLocale’ : ‘en_us’});

var authObj = require(‘auth’).Auth;

var auth = new authObj({

'lang' : lang

‘callback’ : callbackFunction,
‘callback’ : callbackFunction,

function callbackFunction (){};[/code]