System Command Not Working


So I am trying to run an php script from the system application on the h extension. This is what I have.

This is what I get from the CLI

[quote]Executing [h@fax-rx:14] System(“SIP/69631610-085e3398”, “/var/lib/asterisk/agi-bin/email_fax.php /home/root52/fax–rx.tif”) in new stack
– Executing [h@fax-rx:15] NoOp(“SIP/69631610-085e3398”, “System Status : SUCCESS”) in new stack

So I don not understand how the $SYSTEMSTATUS comes back with SUCCCES but the script does not run. At this point for testing I am just trying to write a line to a txt file. When I copy and paste the below from the CLI and run it at the command line (as the same “Asterisk” user) it work fine and i get my line in the txt file.

Any thoughts?