Can't divide tdm channels into groups for outbound

hi everyone! has anyone using a tdm400p card encountered the issues i am having now. my problem is I can’t group my channels successfully, I have a tdm card with 4 fxo channels. I used to have an *1.2 system, now I decided trying *1.4 and from zaptel to dahdi, the problem arises when I edit chan_dahdi.conf and move the channels into different groups, the result is I can’t dial out, it always says all circuits busy now, but if I revert it back to what dahdi_genconf has configured, I can dial without problems. can anyone guide me to a fix or help me on this issue I am having now? my goal is to have group=0 for my local dialing, group=1 for NDD and group=2 for our tenant’s outbound. I’ve installed asterisk, current dahdi-linux-complete, libpri-current, freepbx the files that I’ve tried altering are chan_dahdi.conf, globals_custom.conf, amportal.conf thanks in advance!