Cant dial out!

hello all,
first of all let me apologize for any “silly questions” i might have though im a newbie concerning asterisk so bear with me :smile:

ive setup asterisk a few days ago…
i have 4 Vonage lines who i have analog access on…
and 1 PSTN line…
i’ve successfully tested the SIP where i could call from 1 extension to another as soon as i add those extensions in both Sip.conf and Extensions.conf
though the thing is i cant call out! and thats obviously the main idea i got into this from the first place…
ill provide a list of configurations ive made so far… as well as the error am getting in CLI when i try to dial out…



static = yes
writeprotect = no
autofallthrough = no
clearglobalvars = no

exten => _X.,1,Dial(sip/${EXTEN},20,rt)
exten => _X.,1,Dial(zap/${EXTEN}@7,20,rt)


what might b the cause of that?
whts the mistake ive done!

Please refrain from double posting.

sorry about that,
i got dc while posting, so i did an f5 when i got back…