Can't create Analog Trunk from GUI

Hello, maybe this thread already exist, but I made a search and didn’t find it.

Well, I installed Asterisk 1.6.08 within Linux-Voyage for an IX100 appliance. then I installed the asterisk GUI version: SVN-branch-2.0-r4715 from this link.

When I tried to add an analog Trunk, the button apply doesn’t work. I can’t press it. And no message o error, this issue is only in analog trunks, i can add sip/iax trunk, make a dialplan, add user etc.

Can anybody help me?

We are also having the same problem. We have installed the GUI 2.0 and Asterisk for our system. It will not let us add an analog trunk, but it will let us add other types of trunks. Also, we can edit dailplans and add users.

We found a solution check this link