Can't create a file in /etc/asterisk with user asterisk

Hi everyone.

I had installed asterisk 17 and create an user called “asterisk”. I changed the owner of the directory for the user “asterisk”, but still cant create a single file into the directory.

I used those commands:
sudo chown asterisk:asterisk /etc/asterisk/; sudo chmod 664 /etc/asterisk/
sudo -u asterisk vim /etc/asterisk/asterisk.conf

but doesnt work.

somebody can help me?
I am using CentOS 8 for this project.

What doesn’t work? What happens?

It could be any number of things – but my first inclination would be SELinux. What’s the output of running “sestatus”?

If it does turn out to be an SELinux issue, I don’t recommend turning off SELinux completely, but instead labeling the files correctly.

Also, which user owns the /etc/asterisk directory?

Thanks for helping.

I dont had permission to create the file. After some days trying, i change the permissions of directory for 774. That way i could create the file.

Thanks for helping.

Turned out, it was about permissions of the directory asterisk. After change it, it works.

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