Cannot use this firmware on 9133i with v1.4.0

When I attempt to upgrade I get:

“cannot use this firmware”

you arent having much luck with aastra are you :frowning:

are you sure it’s the 9133i firmware? the 1.4.0 firmware has different versions for each model, even though the files from the zip are named very similar…

try downloading it fresh from aastra and naming it in your tftp folder.

Yep, Aastra is certainly giving me grief today. I’ve raved about them in previous posts and this is the thanks I get? :smile:

I’d done EXACTLY as you recommended. Brand new *.st ( for the 9133i, placed it in /tftpboot and named it

Is there a place in .cfg that I can specify the firmware name and location? Maybe it’s just the web UI that’s the problem.

Found the cfg file options:

upgrade file name:
upgrade ip address:

no difference :frowning:

Got it to work!

Samba and/or Winzip was causing the *.st to become corrupt. So, I did a wget from the asterisk box and extracted with unzip rather than downloading to windows and extracting.

perhaps this is also responsible for your 480i issue? worth a shot…

Tried it just in case. No change.