Cannot start asterisk

I’ve installed asterisk but cannot start it, it fails with the following message:

$ asterisk -vvvc
dyld: Symbol not found: ___ast_adsi_available
Referenced from: /usr/local/sbin/asterisk
Expected in: flat namespace

Trace/BPT trap: 5

Steps I’ve taken:
– disable res_adsi and app_adsi using make menuselect
– noload => in modules.conf

My modules.conf file:
noload =>

I have only extensions.conf, modules.conf and sip.conf files and they are pretty much stripped down.

Any ideas why it is still trying to load adsi stuff? Thanks in advance.

i guess you need an asterisk.conf as well.

There are the directories specified where asterisk searched for modules,libraries etc.

Thanks for the guess – do you know where the asterisk.conf file needs to reside? One of the first lines in it is this one:

astetcdir => /usr/local/etc/asterisk

Which makes me think it should not go in the /usr/local/etc/asterisk directory where all the other conf files are since it doesn’t seem to know where that is until it loads this conf file.


it must be in the directory with all the other config-files.
On what OS are you working? And you used binaries and didn’t compile asterisk from source?

The default config-directory is /etc/asterisk and there asterisk will look for the asterisk.conf file by default.

You can specify another file by starting asterisk with -C option.

You better start asterisk with the init-script that came with the binary.

On a default build on CentOS, it goes in /etc/asterisk. It is possible that the default is OS dependent, but maybe more likely that the person who built it overrode the default location. Incidentally, the default asterisk.conf is autogenerated, if you run make samples.

I compiled from source and used the default. Running on OSX.

Hi Guys,

I have some kind of similar issue where I cannot start Asterisk.

I have a Debian Squeeze and an Asterisk 1.6 installed from repository with a fully configured FreePBX.

The FreePBX interface shows that Asterisk is not running so I try to start it with the cmd /etc/init.d/asterisk start
It runs but nothing happens. When i run the /etc/init.d/asterisk status i got the following:
“Asterisk PBX is not running … failed!”

Where can i find any log files which give me some messages what happend? I cannot find any info in /var/log/messages and even cant in /var/log/syslog too.


Again assuming the standard Asterisk directory layout, the log will be in /var/log/asterisk/*.

If it didn’t get far enough to log there, you can try starting Asterisk manually, with the -c command line option, and seeing what happens.

Did you do a make samples after the make install?
This will install everything you need at the right paths.
You can start from there.

Also make sure your libraries are in the right places.