Cannot allocate memory


I have a problem with our asterisk server. (Version 1.4.15 running on Fedora Core 7)

After 3 day’s running, i’v got this message in my logfile:
Dec 14 13:14:09 amsec-tk1 asterisk[4321]: VERBOSE[11363]: – Executing [9020@AMS-UPPORT-HOTLINE:1] System(“SIP/SN2400-67ec6aa0”, “echo -e “Eingehender Support Anruf am 14.12.2007 um 13:14 durch die Nummer <06xxxxxxxx> \n” >> /drbd/ams-support-hotline.txt”) in new stack
Dec 14 13:14:09 amsec-tk1 asterisk[4321]: WARNING[11363]: asterisk.c:820 in ast_safe_system: Fork failed: Cannot allocate memory

Reserved memory was about 1,5GB of RAM!
After restarting Asterisk, the system is normally running until yet.

Is there a memory leak in this version?

No answer?

After a long time of memory debugging, we found this problem in combination with and a oracle 10g express database.

Memory is increasing after connecting to the extensions table.

Is there anybody with the same constellation?
Please let me know of any memory leak with a odbc connection.