Cancel Calls to multiple extensions - Dial(SIP/x & SIP/y

Is there any possibility (e.g. Dial() command option / flag ) to cancel all calls / channels when dial is used with mutliple extensions, e.g. Dial(SIP/ext1 & SIP/ext2) and one of the phones/channels rejects. (Asterisk version is with BRIstuff 0.4.0-RC3b)
This is the use case I’m talking about:

[code]- Call to 123
Extension 123 is configured that SIP/12 und SIP/13 will be called simultaniously,
i.e. Asterisk does a

  • SIP/12 and SIP/13 are ringing
  • SIP/12 (e.g.) rejects/denys the call, Asterisk sees/logs somthing like
    Got SIP response 486 “Busy Here” back from …
    Got SIP response 603 “Decline” back from …
    (the respons depends on the SIP phone used…)
    SIP/12 is busy
  • SIP/13 keeps ringing[/code]

What I’m looking for is a way to also cancel the call / channel to SIP/13 (so that it stops ringing) after getting a busy from the other phone/channel after both where ringing

Any ideas? (Id’ be even happ if someone has a patch for this if there’s no way to do this in the dialplan with a standard Asterisk) - Thanks a lot

  • Philipp