Can you share a PSTN line across 2 FXO ports

I would like to know if FXO cards support having a PSTN telephone line plugged into 2 FXO cards at the same time. For example if I have 2 two * servers setup with an 8 port FXO card in each using heartbeat software for failover, and have 5 PSTN lines with each line plugged into a FXO port on both servers (i.e. each asterisk server shares the PSTN lines), so that when the primary server is running it will use the PSTN lines, and if it switches over to the standby server it can then use the PSTN lines. Is this possible or will both FXO cards try and answer the PSTN line at the same time even if one * server is in standby mode.

Thanks in advance.



is asterisk running with active ports on the standby server?

If you had some type of splitter and that server didnt start dahdi/asterisk until the heartbeat failed then i would assume it is ok.

I have seen people split analog lines between a PBX and handsets or some other device, and when in use the line is active the voltage changes from idle and the card is effectively answering the line. Someone goes to dial, the dial command is sent, the card grabs a line, if it happens to be that line that is in use, you hear that conversation. So the real questions is is that card/asterisk active on the other end of the line.


I would think you could do that, because heartbeat needs to be setup to start Asterisk when it detects the failover. I would not have Asterisk running on both servers as both would be able to to answer it.