Can you originate a pjsip call directly from the dialplan?

I’m asking this question not because I want to originate a call from the CLI, but because I want to understand how a call is originated in the code.

Specifically I’m trying to figure out how Dial() is used with PJSIP.
The only stuff I can find are these old manuals from before PJSIP was invented.
Any help or resources appreciated.

quickest example I could think of …

channel originate pjsip/2002 application MusicOnHold

where 2002 is a pjsip extension registered to the system


I think the OP is using “originate” in a non-Asterisk sense. He really seems to be asking about PJSIP dialstrings (which also, of course, apply to the real Asterisk “originate”), in which case, what he really wants is:


Thanks that’s what I was looking for. Much appreciated.

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