Can we use muti devices with one sip account?

Can we use muti devices with one sip account?
I’d like to config 2 linksys pap2 boxes to use a same extention number. When someone call this extention, both phones connet to those two boxes will ring at the same time.
Is it possible in asterisk? Any one can show me how to enable it ?


That is very easy.

exten => 22,1,Dial(sip/100&sip/101)

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Thanks sander.

But I’d like to use one sip account for both of pap2.

Any idea on it?

Sharing sip accounts on multiple devices is not possible when one divice registers the other device becomes inactive until the the device register again. then the other device becomes inactive.

can’t think of one situation where you wan’t to share accounts

Thank you Sander.


you could do your job by using some tricks - but I do not advice to go in this direction. better option is to have each extension registered and then called as sander have suggested.

what you have to done is to set PAP extensions in Answer without registration mode and use a Dial command like:

Dial(SIP/ <- not tried but it should work

where: is PAP2T #1 is PAP2T #2

5060 -> is for phone port #1
5061 -> is for phone port #2


This should be easy enough to do, as long as you accept that the phones themselves don’t connect to an external SIP account. They are configured as seperate extensions on Asterisk, and Asterisk is effectively the SIP node connected to the account. It should then be simple enough to configure Asterisk to make both extensions ring on an incoming call.