Can PCI modems (Winmodems) be used as analog interfaces?



I’m working on a school project and the main purpose is to set up an VoIP telecom network in one of our laboratories and naturaly my first choice was Asterisk… I chose Asterisk@home because of it has the browser based administration interface and it comes with an OS (CentOS). I’m using X-lite as software SIP clients…

I’ve set-up a box for Asterisk, installed… set up a few extensions… installed X-lite… everything works great till now…

Next step is adding some analog trunks/extesions… and because i don’t have FX cards yet (FXO/FXS) i wanted to try with some modems…

I’ve put a Conexant based modem in the box (chipset: RS56/SP - PCI, R6793 - 11), at boot-up the system recognoized the new hardware and configured it (kudzu)… the i ran getzaptelconf and from what i saw it recognoized the modem as Tormenta2 PCI… i tried to set-up a trunk following the instrauction from the Asterisk@home handbook , but when tried to put a call from X-lite to that trunk all i got is: Sorry but our circuits are busy now… please try again later… also nothing happened when i tried to call the number for the line plugged into the modem…

Now… i’m not sure why it doesn’t work… i suspect several causes:

  1. the modem is not fit for use with asterisk
  2. i made a mistake when configuring the trunk or the rules for incomingoutbound calls…
  3. the line i used as a trunk for asterisk is actualy an extesion from the university’s own PBX

That’s about it… if you need more details let me know

Soo what do u think? Can a modem be used for interfacing analog trunks/extensions?


Your first choice - answer number 1.

You cant use a regular modem as a device to connect to a pots line for asterisk calls. You need to buy a special card (from digium - If you dont need to use POTS lines than dont becuase it will cost you a few dollars. If you must have it than get it. Either way you cant use a modem for asterisk to connect it to a POTS for regular lines.


see … 100P+clone about cheap analog hardware and modem compatibility.