Can not dial after changing callerid

Hello .

My problem is that I can not dial extensions after changing their callerid.


callerid="OBSD Tom" <1000>


callerid="myvoip Tom" <1000>

Of course I used ‘sip reload’, and ‘dialplan reload’ (though I haven’t changed dialplan), I also restarted the Asterisk (‘core restart now’). I also rebooted my SIP-phones (Cisco-303 and Linksys SPA941).

Is this a bug in Asterisk? Or my mistake somewhere?

I run Asterisk on Debian STable 6.0.5.

What’s in sip_template? Does it include host=dynamic. Maybe Asterisk assumes the registration information is no longer valid and is waiting for the new device 1000 to register.

david55, thanks for being eager to help :smile:

I re-set my sip-phone and everything started working. Seems strange, yes. I also removed 1000 extension from sip.conf and from dialplan and then added again without any changes.

Now everything’s working fine.

But I still can not understand what it was.