Can I use Single Extension with Multiple Devices?

I’m using pjsip and I can there is one parameter which is called ‘max_contacts=3’. Does this mean that I can register same extension in 3 devices?
If yes it can be registered in 3 devices then which one will ring.
3 devices will ring together or anyone devices.
If I pick call from any device then can other device hear what I’m talking if the also receive the phone after first call pickup?

Thank you

You can’t register extensions; you can only register AORs. Many people make extension, endpoint and AOR names degenerate, but that doesn’t have to be true, and there can be advantages in making endpoints different from extensions, in terms of security.

To make use of all the registered contacts, for an AOR, you need use the PJSIP_DIAL_CONTACTS function to create your dial string. This uses the & connector, so that all the contacts are rung in parallel.

The remaining contacts will have their calls cancelled when the first one answers.

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