Can I use Asterisk as VoIP gateway to Toshiba Strata DK16e?


Our Church is building a new building and we currently have a Toshiba PBX system.

The new building is going where an underground phone cable is and will cut current phone service to our other buildings.

I’m looking into doing two things:

  1. Use existing WiFi bridge to try to get some VoIP phones in effected buidings to use Voice over Wireless IP so there is still some type of phone access. (I have two WRT54Gs running OpenWRT.

  2. Make a Asterisk VoIP Gateway that will allow new VoIP phones to access the lines being currently serviced by Toshiba PBX.

We would like to keep the Toshiba system we have and somehow add new VoIP phones & Asterisk so we don’t have to scrap what we have now. All funds are going into the construction of the new building so there isn’t much of an IT budget!

I’m kind of new to Asterisk and have been searching forums etc. and have seen posts before about the Toshiba DK16e.

Just looking for someone familiar with the subject to point me in the right direction and then I’ll research it further.



We have a Toshiba Strata 16 we are interfacing Asterisk@Home to for a customer. Basically, you will need to add a card to the Toshiba that provides analog extension support (we have another Strata with a 4-port analog card we are swiping and installing). Then get the installer’s manual or have an actual installer program the Strata’s new analog extensions into the Toshiba system as whatever extension #'s you wish with rollover (in case you want a bank of available lines that get used automatically as people place calls, otherwise it’s a one specific line at time busy/not-busy access model).

At which point, you can now place a TDM400P with FXS port’s into your Asterisk system to match the analog ports in the Toshiba system. From here calling from Asterisk to Toshiba is simply a matter of your dialplan (have it auto route everytime, route based on a dial 9, or even dial an extension # if you wish). From the Toshiba side, people could access the VoIP benefits (e.g. if you setup Vonage or something on the Asterisk box) by simply calling the appropriate analog extension # which could then give them a dial-tone via Asterisk dialplan settings, etc.

Etc., Etc.

Have fun, good luck.