Can I Know transfered calls in Asterisk

Hello dears ,

Please I want to know how can I get the history of transferred calls in Asterisk .

PS: I’m using FOP2 but I don’t know if it can help or not

Thanks a lot

Asterisk provides this information over AMI, CDRs, and CEL in 13 and above. What consumes that information and gives you the information is outside of Asterisk, FOP2 may be one tool.

Thanks for your reply , is this sollution can be installed as a GUI mode or just over CLI ?

Asterisk provides the information in various ways for CDR/CEL, it’s up to something external to Asterisk to display it. I don’t keep on top of what is available for it.

FOP is for live management of the calls, I think you cannot do it so you should consider another method. If you are using FreePBX it might be through the cdrs but if you are using a clean asterisk installation you will need something to read the data as @jcolp says.

If you decide to use AMI, use the following events

Hello , Yes I’m using FreePBX

FreePBX peer support is provided at

I’ve found that I was able to achieve pretty much anything I could think of but I ended up using CEL to collect it and then I stacked an easy GUI (self made) on top of that data to get what I wanted.