Can I get away with running Asterisk on this machine?

I need my Asterisk / Hylafax machine for other purposes for a while, and the only other machine I have that I can devote to Asterisk is a 550-MHz Pentium 3 with 256 MB RAM… really marginal.

I’ll be running Fedora 9 and using one Digium TDM400P card with one output and three input modules. Some IP phones will be connected via the internal LAN.

At most there will be two simultaneous calls going on, and usually only one. I’ll also be running Hylafax on this machine, for inbound faxes only.

What do you think… do you think that the performance will be enough so that I’ll get away with it?


What is the minimum spec for fed 9?

I think a 550 with that little memory will strugle a bit

but give it a go