Can I create a cellular network for my own personal needs?

Hi there.

My question is this; Can I create a cellular network, for my own cellular needs? I need to be able to make 160 simultaneous calls to a 10 digit number in Iowa that last 8 hours each.

I need to be able to use 7 million minutes per month and Straight Talk, Verizon, MegaPath, Comcast, 8x8…none of them can accommodate me, so I am ready to just build my very own cellular / voip service for my needs.

Can it be done? Can anyone help me? I’m 20 shades of green and drowning looking for an answer.

There is OpenBTS, I’ve heard of it being used at Hacker conventions and Burning man to set up cell networks. I believe you would need a license from the FCC for your radio equipment to use it.

It’s out of scope for this forum however.

I would advise consulting the FCC before using anything other than a type approved cell phone that can transmit on cellular radio frequencies, in the USA.

No, I think you can’t do that without govt. authorities. You may need a license for this process system.