Only Voice Mail

Good Morning.

It´s possible connect an Asterisk to a Legacy PBX and use Asterisk just like a Voice Mail server ?.

Just only a CTI function in order to get Voice Mail info and Email information about voice mail.


Sure can, just connect the pbx to the Asterisk PC with Digium TDM hardware. (T1, or analog lines) Then program the PBX to send voicemail calls to the Asterisk TDM trunks. Then setup the asterisk voicemail box to send email for message notifications.

The one thing that will not work is set MWI on the digital PBX phones. To do this you would need to look into a PBX integration card from Intel/dialogic and then write custom software. Lots of work, just tell uses to check there email…


Hi Message lights can be controlled using externnotify depending on intergration. There are notes on the Wiki about this.


Thank´s for your information