Can Asterisk 18 Broker Text Messaging Between Extensions Using LinPhone?

We’re running latest stand-alone Asterisk 18 LTS with pretty much all modules and extensions.

The last remaining feature none of our previous four Asterisk contractors has been able to wrestle to the ground involves intra-PBX text-messaging between extensions using latest LinPhone VOIP clients running on Android, Linux & OSX.

Our current contractor suspects our inability to get intra-PBX text-messaging working may involve LinPhone sending outgoing messages using Content-Type: message/cpim that either isn’t recognized/supported by Asterisk or which we don’t know yet know how to correctly configure.

Our hope is if we can get intra-PBX text messaging working with LinPhone or other VOIP client, that we’ll be well-positioned to get text-messaging working between SMS/Text-capable external numbers and Asterisk PBX extensions via their public facing DIDs and their VOIP client.

We’ve struggled with this for many months and are reaching back out to the Asterisk forum to try and locate some heretofore missed insight, documentation, configuration tip, etc.

Has anyone successfully gotten intra-PBX text messaging working with Asterisk and LinPhone VOIP clients? With any other VOIP client?

Any suggestions would be welcome, and we’ve attached below a log excerpt of a failed message from a LinPhone client to our Asterisk 18 PBX that may provide a clue to someone more experienced.

The message/cpim type is indeed not supported by Asterisk. Just plain text is supported.

In typical messaging traces I see, the client will fall back to simpler media formats for messaging, if the preferred one is rejected. I’d be surprised if LinPhone can’t do this, but I can’t find any online documentation about how to configure it.

The MESSAGE RFC doesn’t say anything about content type handling, but all the examples are for text/plain, which seems a strong hint that that type should be supported.

PS please provide logs as plain text, not as images.

As an Asterisk project lead, how viable would it be in your opinion to extend Asterisk to recognize message/cpim?

Are we talking about a modest extension or the code-equivalent of open heart surgery?

What level of Asterisk and Coding Expertise would be required?

Tried to do so, but forum software did not permit it because I’m a new member allowed only two links in a post and the logs apparently contained too many links that were interpreted as spam…hence the screenshot.

Logs and configuration files should be marked up as pre-formatted text, anyway, and that will prevent links being detected (also useful for posting pastebin links). The main reason for suppressing links is stop people trying to distort Google Page Rank scores, with a secondary reason to make it difficult for someone to click through easily.

That is likely to depend on whether it is a hack to work in your specific scenario, with that as the only media type for messages, and only the one channel driver, and can be treated as opaque data, or a clean implementation.

I can’t believe LinPhone cannot be configured to use text/plain, either by default, or as a fallback.

I don’t know what cpim is comprised of or how it would be reflected within the messaging support/core. It would require C knowledge, as well as some PJSIP knowledge and parsing knowledge.

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