SIP Simple messages attachments

I would like to know, which do content types attachments of sip messages support Asterisk? In other words, which can types of files be sent between endpoints?

Asterisk does not support sending files between devices using SIP.

Thanks for your reply. And are there no a way to change Asterisk source files by myself in order to get that possibility?

It’s open source code, so you can modify the code. What exactly would need to happen I do not know - as there is no functionality currently to even base off of.

Ok, got it, thank you!

Hello again.
I have one more question to make situation with sip messages attachments clear once and for all.
Technical support of mobile SIP client we use with Asterisk, conclused that Asterisk versions from 13, supports all SIP messages content type, not only plain text. They refered to this article:
I’ve questions:

  1. Whether Asterisk supports next messages content types:
  • application/x-acro-filetransfer+json
  • Message/CPIM
  • application/im-iscomposing+xml
  1. Whether Asterisk supports any content types except plain text at all?

It does not support those types. The functionality is for outgoing messages.

“The functionality is for outgoing messages.”
Sorry, didn’t understand the meaning of this. Could you explain more detail?

It allows messages to be sent of the specific content types by applications such as ConfBridge. If a message is received with the content type then it is not accepted.

Does it mean, that conference participants can exchange messages with specific content type within conference?

No. It means that the ConfBridge application itself can produce messages to inform participants of events, but neither chan_sip or chan_pjsip allow receiving of content types except for plain text.

Thank you very much for your answeres!

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