Calls from Asterisk to Avaya IP Office


I need a little input from you. My project is dealing with setting up Asterisk to be able to call an Avaya IP Office box. I’ve installed Asterisk 1.2.13 along with compiling in openh323, pwlib, and asterisk-oh323. A channel is successfully built, and the calls from Asterisk are bridged over to Avaya. The only thing is that when a call is attempted from Asterisk, ringing doesn’t start for about a good 45 seconds to about 90 seconds. Once the other side picks up, the voice quality isn’t the best, kind of choppy. Do you guys have any suggestions on what I could tweak or change? Does oh323.conf need to be adjusted, new codec used, or a different h323 package? Thanks for your help on this!!

Which codec are you using? Are the two systems on the same site and do you have a network capable of prioritizing data based on ToS bit settings?

I’m using codec G711U (ulaw). Both systems are on the same network. The network contains Dell Power Connect 2716 switches, which allow for class of service but not sure about type of service.

It may be worth trying a lower bandwidth codec if you don’t have any prioritization based on ToS (this would be something that you would need to configure at both ends and on the Dell switch).

You could try G.723 or if you want to buy a few licenses at $10.00 each you could try G.729.