Calls completed but with billsec 0

I have a Asterisk server that use the field billsec in CDR table to make bills for my customers but I am with problem, some calls are arriving without time, has bilsec equal zero, as the example bellow I have a call that I made and was completed but in the CDR registred NO_ANSWER and billsec 0.

uniqueid, calldate, clid, src, dst, dcontext, channel, dstchannel, lastapp, lastdata, duration, billsec, disposition, amaflags, accountcode, userfield, peeraccount, linkedid, sequence

‘1537365147’, ‘2018-09-19 10:52:27’, ‘“Solaris Telecom” <551935139078>’, ‘551935139078’, ‘5519981605081’, ‘outbound-routes’, ‘PJSIP/47001006-00000948’, ‘PJSIP/voxBeam-00000949’, ‘Dial’, ‘PJSIP/00111025519981605086@voxBeam,60/nj,tT’, ‘22’, ‘0’, ‘NO ANSWER’, ‘3’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘’, ‘1537365147.2392’, ‘2859’

Can anyone give information why it’s happen?

The call wasn’t answered so there’s no billable time to it.

The call was answered because I made it, talked some seconds and turn off.

You’d need to show the console output and the SIP signaling to be certain that it was actually answered as seen by Asterisk.

Sorry, but I don’t have the Console log, I was not logged, is possible save the console log in a file with others logs?


Logging settings are configured in logger.conf

console is enabled: console => notice,warning,error,debug

but doesn’t show in the logs all informations like ANSWER and NO_ANSWER that shows in console interface when I access with verbosity 3 with “asterisk -rvvv”

That line controls the console. There would be another line for files. If you want to log verbose messages then it would be “verbose” to the file.

For example,

full => notice,warning,error,debug,verbose,dtmf,fax

I have the verbose selected for full fine logs but not registring the content as the command “asterisk -rvvv” tried to set the core set verbose 3 and as the same not registred in the log file.