Calling email solution

Hi All,

Could anyone help me with this problem: currently i want to setup my Asterisk Box to automatically send an email to my appointed “master” email account when there is a call to any registered extension (all IAX) no matter the call has successfully answered/rejected/busy/redirect or goto voice mail.

Currently as i know the voice mail will automatically send a notification mail when there is a new message, but i couldn’t find any Ast Application for email manipulation.

I kinda of need this ability for management reasons, therefore could anyone suggest a possible solution?

Thanks in advance.


You can use the system command in your dialplan, that sends command to the linux machine. In the system you can use a text-based mtc, i know there is more than one for linux, and sends email for any call. That’s a basic idea, than you can work around to tune it. Google a bit around about the system command and its option.


Thanks Smaikol.

Now i run a little test by myself. For example, i have a macro:

exten=s,n,System(echo "A call for ${ARG1} has status ${DIALSTATUS}" > /tmp/${EXTEN}.txt)

Now this plan has never been executed (no txt file created after call):

exten=s,n,System(echo "A call for ${ARG1} has status ${DIALSTATUS}" > /tmp/${EXTEN}.txt)

I did the same stuff without macro and its work fine.

Any suggestion on this problem?

Thanks in advance.[/code]