Command "System" not working Asterisk 19

Good day to all
I see missed calls via


exten => h,1,ExecIf($["${CDR(dstchannel)}"=""]?System(/usr/local/bin/sendEmail -f -t -u "Queue ${NODEST} missed call from
${CALLERID(num)}" -m "Missed call in Queue ${NODEST} from
${CALLERID(num)}" -o message-charset=UTF-8))
exten => h,2,Macro(hangupcall,)

it is cool working on asterisk 11, but don`t want to work on asterisk 19
same time /usr/local/bin/sendEmail works via command line,
in log it is “executing”

Executing [s@call:1] System("SIP/1111111-00000037", "/usr/local/bin/sendEmail ___________________________") in new stack, but nothing happens.

Please help. Any idea?

Please edit your posting to mark up the dialplan as pre-formatted text (</> button)!

try in the asterisk console to ues the CLI command “!” and there type your command
as that way you can see more OS error and warnings

asterisk*CLI> ! usr/local/bin/sendEmail -f -t -u “Queue XXX missed call from 222” -m “Missed call in Queue XXX from 222” -o message-charset=UTF-8

! is run directly from the console process, so does not reflect the environment in which the daemon is running, so a success with ! doesn’t necessarily mean that System will work from the dialplan.

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