Calling ARI ContinueInDialplan removes channel from Bridge

I am using ari-go to add incoming channels to a bridge, and also add outgoing calls, created in ARI, to the bridge, once they have been answered.
As I can not do (have not found out how to) do AMD within ARI, I am sending the outgoing to the dialplan, where AMD should be done, using continue().
But as soon as continue() happens, the channel is removed from the bridge and I even get StasisEnd.
Is it by design, that a channel would be removed from a bridge once it goes back to the dialplan?
What do I miss?
I am sure it happens when the channel is handed to asterisk: the dialplan plays a long file and then comes back to another stasis application, but the ari.ChannelLeftBridge event occurs before the playback finishes.

Yes, you can’t do two things at once on a channel in almost all cases. Sending it to the dialplan relinquishes your control. It can’t be both in a bridge and also executing dialplan at the same time.

Ok, thank you a lot for that quick replay… I see.
To the other part: Did I search this correctly, there is no way of doing Answer Machine Detection within ARI?

There is no such functionality within ARI currently, except any you write yourself using any ARI primitives.

Okay, thanks a lot for your help

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