ARI 409 (conflit)

Using ARI, I have one id of the channel, how to send this channel to the dialplan?.
Using API /channels/{channel_id]/continue As response I get error 409 Channel is not in stasis.
Is there any way to manipulate the channel except that it is not in the stasisstartevent

Thank you so much

If the channel is elsewhere in the diallplan, or not in the dialplan at all, you can still use AMI [Channel]Redirect. Note this will change the unique ID, at least if the channel is in the dialplan.

The continue operation is defined in terms of exiting the status application: " Exit application; continue execution in the dialplan", so obviously isn’t going to be allowed if the channel isn’t in stasis.

For ARI a channel has to be in it to control it. It’s not made for third party call control like AMI is.

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