Calling 2 PJSIP channels with different options


I’m migrating an old chan_sip dialplan to a chan_pjsip one and ran into issue. The current PBX dials like Dial(SIP/some.local.account&Local/101@external_with_variables), where the local channel sets couple of headers plus the CALLERID(num) before dialing the trunk.

With chan_pjsip this scenario doesn’t work as the PJSIP_HEADER function, which is required to set some trunk-specific headers, is not working on the Local channel as it requires a PJSIP one.

The end goal is to preserve the caller number for the softphone client and manipulate it just before dialing the trunk. Is it possible with chan_pjsip?

The local channel needs to call the Dial for the chan_pjsip endpoint using a pre-dial handler subroutine.

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