Multiple pjsip tls sip trunks on same local interface

At present I use a chan_pjsip TLS sip trunk to the outside world, and a chan_sip TLS sip trunk to a local PBX. Both trunks bind to the same local interface, but on different ports.

When I originally set this up I used Asterisk 13. I used both chan_pjsip and chan_sip because, at the time, I don’t think you could have multiple chan_pjsip tls sip trunks binding to the same local interface.

I’ve since migrated to Asterisk 16 and this setup continues to work fine.

But I know chan_sip is being deprecated, so I’d like to move over to just using chan_pjsip.

So does chan_pjsip now support multiple TLS sip trunks (each with different TLS certs, etc.) binding to the same local interface?

Thanks in advance.

If it’s documented and I’ve missed it - apologies. Just point me at the link.

Thanks in advance.

PJSIP itself gained support for this in later versions, but I don’t know if anyone tested/used it within Asterisk.

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