Callfile auto answer problem aastra


I describe what i want:

Generate a callfile from my customer app and call customer’s number as if the agent had called it himself from his aastra 6739i.

What i get:

Customer’s number is called, when customer is answering the call, he hears beeping, agent’s phone is ringing. If agent picks up, he can talk to the customer.
Not good, because

  1. Customer hears ringing at start
  2. agent does not know that call is successfully placed and in processing state (probably the call is ringing 120 seconds on customers phone until it is answered and agent is away from his desk because he forgot the call?)

My callfile:

Channel: dahdi/g0/customerNumber
context: directdial # change does nothing
Extension: 14
Priority: 1

So many thanks!

Hi This isnt an issue with teh aastra its that your call file is he “wrong way round”

The channel need sto be the phone and the extension and context the number to be called