Automated Outbound Calling

We need to set up automated outbound calling for our customers. This message will say something like

" Dear customer. We see that you have purchased our service but not downloaded our app. Please press 1 to get an SMS with the link of the app to be downloaded. Press 2 to hear this message in hindi".

If the customer presses 1, we need to send the customer an SMS with the link to app store and play store.

What have you tried and where is it failing?

I can make a call via .call file …i am able to play IVR file…but when i press 1 …no response is going to asterisk server…

Please show your work :slight_smile:

  1. 'cat callfile'

  2. 'dialplan show <context-from-call-file>'

  3. and a ‘console log’ (with ‘verbose’ > 2, in preformatted text tags) showing what happens.

Hi Team,

Please below find the attachment as requested and please suggest the configuration needed.

(Attachment is missing)

(Attachment context is missing)

(Attachment logs is missing)



This is a sample file that can be dumped in /var/spool/asterisk/outgoing

to generate a call. For Asterisk to read call files, you must have the module loaded.

Hello, module is already loaded.

None of your attachments attached :frowning:

Please post inline wrapped in 'preformatted text' tags.

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